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Andre Johnson might just be Santa Claus

It seems that the world is in need of some good news recently. One should look no further than former Houston Texans receiver Andre Johnson. Johnson, 35, just retired this season from the NFL, but that isn't stopping him from being incredibly charitable this holiday season. For the last nine years, Johnson has coordinated a shopping spree for underprivileged kids in the Houston area. The shopping spree helps 12 kids in the Houston area insure that the have a very happy and healthy Christmas.

Each child ranges from 5 to 16 and they have 80 seconds (Johnson's jersey number) to move freely around the store scooping up whatever they would like for Christmas. Johnson then takes care of the tab for the families as he buys the gifts for the kids and their siblings. Johnson also told the kids before the event kicked off, "If you want an X-Box, you don't have to go over and get one...your all going to get one for participating."

It's nice to see an athlete like Andre Johnson still take time for his community and help out when needed. I have always admired him for his physical ability and talent on the field and I have always looked forward to hearing this story during the holidays. It would be nice to see him continue the tradition with the Texans as the continue making a positive impact on the Houston community. Oh, and in case you were wondering...the total was $19,144.58.

May this tradition carry on for many years to come!

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