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Colin Kaepernick is having a better year than you

Controversial quarterback Colin Kaepernick is starting his 2017 with quite the bang. Kaepernick began gaining notoriety in August, 2016 when he began taking a knee during the national anthem. He is using the anthem as a form of protest to bring attention to social injustice and racial inequality. Whether you agree with his methods or not...his procedures worked. Some people choose to see Kaepernick as a villain, other see him as a hero. Once you learn what Colin Kaepernick actually stands for it allows you to develop a well informed opinion of him. The fact of is that he is backing up his pledge to use his platform and public status for good.

The media has seldom reported what good Kaepernick is really doing. One can speculate that it isn't "sexy" and won't sell advertising on the networks, but you have to really dig through information to find out how he is really trying to make a difference. It was announced today that Kaepernick has donated $50,000 to help those at The Standing Rock Reservation. Kaepernick wrote on his website that the money would be used to offset costs that have accrued for the protestors at Standing Rock. The money has been budgeted to help pay doctors, nurses, a mobile clinic and medical supplies.

This isn't going to be the only project that Kaepernick will be working on. He has taken what he is calling "The Million Dollar Pledge" in which he will be donating a million dollars over the course of ten months to charitable causes. In the interest of transparency will launch a website that will help track those funds and how they are being spent. Colin Kaepernick is really showing that he wants to make some good happen in the world. Whether or not you agree with his methodology, he realizes that his window of opportunity is short and he is seizing a chance to make the world better.

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