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Love at first sight

With Valentine's Day around the corner I thought it was appropriate to write about something I adore. People often say that love hits you when you least expect it. Indeed that was the case when I discovered soccer. I would say that my love developed rather unconventionally. It was 2007, I was a lacrosse player and I really loved video games. However, there wasn't a lacrosse video game to play.

That is until one of my friends invited me to play FIFA on his xbox. Now, I had been familiar with soccer and I had played the video games before. In fact I owned a copy of FIFA 2004 on my PS2 and FIFA 2001 on PC. For some reason this instance was special. Somehow, I related soccer to lacrosse and I got caught up in all the David Beckham hype. It was the perfect storm. The English sensation was making his way to Major League Soccer to play for the Los Angeles Galaxy. As a result of the move I had a brief stint as a Galaxy fan. However my attention quickly shifted to my hometown Columbus Crew.

The Crew and soccer have done nothing but fuel a passion for me. The passion runs deep and I consume all things soccer. Whether it is domestic or foreign soccer I am actively engaged. The sport has opened doors for me and has allowed me to meet some wonderful people. I have also been able to have one-of-a-kind experiences that few can dream of. I am truly thankful for the sport of soccer and the people it has brought into my life. It it a love that will never waiver.

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