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California Dreamin' Part One

Everyone has experienced that one summer in which all of your friends are get married. The summer of 2016 was just that. I had a cousin, two of my best-friends, and my best-friends mother's wedding. (I know that was hard to follow!) However, I'm going to write about the middle wedding. It was a destination wedding that took place in Pasadena, California which is northeast of Los Angeles.

Countless times I have seen Los Angeles on television, but nothing could have prepared me for my actual arrival. I flew into Burbank, and immediately was thrilled to be in California.We then met our interesting cab driver. He was a charming Indian man with a lot of opinions and was quite vocal. I really didn't complain because we were stuck on a freeway in Los Angeles. You will take what entertainment you can get.

Right off the bat, I was exposed to peak Los Angeles rush hour traffic. Add to the fact that the Copa-America match between Mexico and Jamaica was hours away from occurring at the Rose Bowl. Situated just off historic Route 66, our hotel was in the heart of all the action.

The unique thing about Pasadena is that a good amount of the town is accessible by walking to Colorado Blvd. Once we got situated we set out to explore the town. We found our way to the famous Route 66 (Colorado Blvd), and tried to see experience the Pasadena nightlife and the excitement of Copa-America.

As we were walking down the street were heard some familiar voices. It was Kristy and Heather the couple that was getting married later in the week! They invited us to dinner with them and a few friends at a place called Barcelona.

One thing that is different about restaurants in California, you have to specifically ask for water. Coming from the Midwest that definitely took some getting used to. The Pasadena nightlife is quite excellent. With open-air bars and craft-brews it definitely is a place worth checking out. When in Pasadena, check out Kings-Row gastropub. Unlike anything I have experienced in Ohio, the open-air concept was quite "refreshing."

I didn't mean to make a pun.

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