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By now you are probably familiar with my story and how I've come to be a writer. If not, click here to see my brief history.


Being a professional journalist for over five months has helped me realize that I am incredibly fortunate and privileged to work with some fantastic individuals. This past weekend was no exception.

On Saturday, I got my first job covering the Ohio State football team. Being a former student of the university this was a dream job scenario for me. I was presented the opportunity by my producer at Massive Report.

As luck would have it another one of my colleagues would also be present covering the game but working for a different agency. Thankfully he showed me the ropes and how to navigate the stadium so that I was an effective member of the press core.

I had become accustomed to arriving at Ohio Stadium as a fan but never as a member of the credentialed media. The fun all started on Friday as I went to retrieve my credential from the athletic department.

Immediately upon my arrival I managed to make "friends" in the building.

As a student at Ohio State there are a couple of core principals to live by. One of which is to never anger the parking patrol. As I arrived on campus there weren't any available parking spots that didn't require a permit.

However, my eyes quickly fixated on the visitor parking. What I didn't see was that it was reserved for WOSU media and visitor staff only. I thought to myself, this wouldn't be a bad place to park.

I was wrong.

As I arrived in the lobby I was greeted by a lady in her mid-60s. She came storming out of the WOSU studios asking if I was a member of WOSU and if I had an appointment. I told her I didn't and that I was heading to the department of athletics. She told me that I had to move my car and I politely asked her where to park. She rebutted "everywhere is a parking space."

Everywhere except the visitor spot...

Parking humor aside, what happened next was truly amazing. Saturday arrived and nerves began to settle in. I got dressed in my best attire and I made my way to the stadium.

Once I arrived, I found my way to the media entrance. I was greeted by stadium staff who showed me where I needed to go. Once I arrived in the press box I was awestruck by who I saw.

From local sports broadcasters to former Buckeye standouts it was a who's-who of sports journalism celebrities in the press-box. I quickly joined up with my colleague from Massive Report and he was quick to introduce me to other fellow journalists. We then headed down to the field to take in warm ups.

Down on the field we saw former Buckeye standouts Cardale Jones and Zeke Elliott. They were making an appearance at the spring game to coach the next generation of Buckeyes. The returning players were honored throughout the game.

Once the game had concluded the real work began. I headed downstairs to field-level with my colleague. We headed to the press-conference where we heard comments from Buckeye Head Coach Urban Meyer. The conference then opened up to players like Johnnie Dixon, Joe Burrow, and Dwayne Haskins who commented on their performances and expectations for the 2017 season.

We collected our quotes and went back to the press box. It's really kind of crazy after everyone gets their quotes and information. An eerie quiet falls over the press-box and all you hear are the sounds of keys clicking on a keyboard and rewinding speech on the digital recorders of the journalists.

Suddenly you look at your clock and three hours have elapsed and your deadline is looming near. I completed proofreading and revision on my article. The article was then submitted and proceeded to reluctantly leave the press-box. I'm unsure when I may arrive again but I have a feeling it won't be long. Maybe three months or so.

Go Bucks.

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