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Is Big Baller Brand legit?

As 2017 carries on it appears one theme is coming to the forefront.


You can turn on the news at any given time and find some outrageous story about policy makers or even people in your own backyard doing outlandish things. Seldom do they consider who their actions may effect.

Many turn to sports for an escape. Then walked in LaVar Ball and disrupted the whole process.

Who is LaVar Ball? He is a retired football player that saw action with the London Monarchs in the World League of American Football and was a practice squad member for the New York Jets. He also played basketball for Washington State University where he averaged approximately 2.6 points-per-game.

Recently, Ball worked his way into the spotlight as the father of three talented basketball players.

Most notable is his son Lonzo; who played for the UCLA Bruins before declaring himself eligible for the NBA draft.

LaVar is in charge of the family company Big Baller Brands. He is trying to make it share the spotlight with companies like Nike, Adidas, and Under Armor. Ball thrives on controversy.

In March 2017, he made a delusional comment that Lonzo was better than Golden State Warriors guard Steph Curry.

Later that month he also proclaimed that his son is better than LeBron James and Russell Westbrook. Ball also said that back in his prime he could have beat Michael Jordan one-on-one.

Some call Ball confident and others say he is incredibly out of touch but what he did this week was absolutely jaw-dropping.

Big Baller Brand released Lonzo's first signature shoe the Z02 for $495.

I know what you are probably thinking and no that isn't a typo.

LaVar Ball believes that his undrafted, unproven and untested son can sell a shoe for $495. The sad part is that he is right. People will buy the shoe for the sake of having it. Most rational people will have their reservations.

I almost forgot to mention that Ball is selling sandals for $220 as well. That also isn't a typo.

When asked how he came up with the prices Ball said, "I figured that's what the show is worth." He added, "When you are the owner you can come up with whatever price you want."

Then Ball tweeted the following:

This is a terrible marketing strategy on Ball's part. He is alienating potential buyers by telling them they aren't worthy if they don't pony up the $500 to spend on his "premium" shoe. Any good marketer would tell you that customers like to feel valued. Ball doesn't make anyone feel valued in this statement.

Ball is costing his kids money. He has met with all the big companies like Nike and Under Armor. They all have made offers to the Ball's but something sat uneasy with LaVar. He didn't like the money that was being thrown at his kids.

Some reports had Lonzo making two million-a-year over five years. Ball didn't want his kids to make millions but billions.

Time will tell whether or not Ball's business model will be a good one. Many speculate that his methods will do more harm than good.

We will find out when the NBA Draft gets started on June 22nd.

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