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Stadium Etiquette

A little story, I was driving home yesterday and I was in search of something to listen to on the radio. Recently, I have taken a liking to a few podcasts. A good friend of mine, whom I have talked about numerous time has joined a show after taking some time off.

It's a sports themed show and it's called Stadium Scene. I definitely think you should check it out! By now, you guys are familiar with Jillian Fisher and the work she has done. Herself and a few colleagues were debating an interesting story out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

It's about a beer vendor named Ryan Strnad and he isn't too thrilled about what has been going on at Miller Park. The Milwaukee Brewers have spent a lot of money revamping the concourses within their 16-year-old stadium. Strnad is claiming that more people are buying beer in the concourse rather than from in-seat vendors.

Why would he expect you to care?

Great question.

Beer vendors are responsible for purchasing their product and then turning around to sell it. So when they damage product or someone steals it they are directly effected. Strnad came up with a grand idea and he purchased billboards outside of Miller Park and put a web address on them. is a political action committee, conduit, and LLC looking to bring change. He sells t-shirts and looks to get awareness out about what's been going on. Strnad is trying to eliminate sales on levels one, two and four of Miller Park. Thus, allowing him to sell to 94 percent of the venue because it will be the only way for patrons to get product.

Strnad and fellow vendors cannot compete with the concourse products. The most vendors can sell their product for is $8 and that is for a 16oz beer. In the concourse one can acquire a 24oz beer for $8.75. The concourse and Miller Park reward patrons for getting their own product.

When I was in Cleveland for a Cavaliers game, that's exactly what I did. The concourse had a better selection and beer that I actually liked instead of Coors.

No disrespect intended, it was just a better experience.


Did you know?

You are supposed to tip your beer vendor when they bring you a beer to your seat.

What is the average tip?

Usually about a dollar per drink.

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