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Soccer Saturday

Wow...that's all I can say.

It has been an incredible week and ridiculously busy. Last Saturday was one of the busiest I've experienced in my journalism career. I'm not complaining about it one bit. If anything, this post is gauged toward reflection and gratitude.

It all began Saturday morning June 24th, as I sprung up from bed at around 8am. I had been incredibly excited for this day for a long time. The Columbus Eagles are the WPSL team that I cover and they had a huge match at MAPFRE Stadium prior to Columbus Crew SC and Montreal Impact kicking off.

I enjoyed a nice breakfast and set course for the stadium around 10am. Once I arrived, I saw fans beginning to tailgate. The game wasn't scheduled until 7:30pm that evening. I was quite impressed.

Media will-call for the Crew SC match was to open at 10am and unnaturally I was fifteen minutes early. When the clock struck ten, I headed towards the box office. I strolled up to the window and asked the attendant if he had my credential ready.

As I made plans to conquer sports-journalism while he was searching for my credential I was shocked that he returned to the window and said he didn't have it ready yet. I was deflated.

Undeterred, I moved on with the rest of my day. I went back home and began to get dressed for the Eagles game. I found myself back at MAPFRE about 90 minutes later. I was greeted by Eagles staff and players who were eager to get to work on the pitch.

I headed to my post in the press box to find that it guessed it.


With game time inching closer and closer, I rushed to make emergency plans. Eagles assistant Daniel Seiffert offered me a spot on the bench to work.

In a fit of stupidity, I declined that offer and sat next to the game day operations manager Courtney at the midfield line. (More on that in a second)

The Eagles played a full 90 minute match and just about everything went right for them on the pitch. Afterwards, we retreated out to the parking lot for a tailgate.

It was a pretty nice day outside, low-humidity, nice temperature and a comfortable breeze. People kept telling me I needed sunscreen but I didn't feel a thing. Until I made the mistake of looking at my watch. Holy sunburn, I was fried.

Regardless, I made my way back into MAPFRE for the Crew SC game. Luckily, I had air-conditioning to easy the pain. Plus the performance on the pitch wasn't bad either! Crew SC picked up the victory 4-1 against Montreal.

Eight total goals scored within the confines of MAPFRE Stadium leads to a great weekend in Central Ohio.

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