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Welcome to Wichita

Monday's are difficult for everyone. Coming off of a weekend you likely enjoyed time with family and friends, and recharged your batteries for a crazy week.

It can be a little tough to get back into the swing of things.

Perhaps that's exactly what happened to workers who were commissioned to paint a water town close to the campus of Wichita State University in Kansas.

The original plan would see university workers repaint the water tower with the Wichita State University logo, but along the way something crazy happened.

The finished product didn't look like anything the project engineers envisioned. Instead of saying "Wichita State University" the water tower read, "Wichita Staty Universite."

Wichita Mayor Jeff Longwell remained positive, sharing a laugh with his constituents on Twitter.

The WSU media director Joe Kleinsasser released a statement saying, "Does anyone have ten gallons of white out?"

The error didn't last long as crews worked to correct it.

Have you seen an error like this? I'd love to hear about it, and share some pictures if you have them.

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