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So this is 28...

A gift from my parents..

When I was a kid my birthday seemed to be about two things, cake and presents.

As I've gotten older the meaning has shifted. I begin to reflect and think about my accomplishments from the past year, and what I still have yet to do complete during my time on Earth.

Let's rewind to this time last year.

I was heavily involved with a project at work, my father was in declining health, and I was feeling unfulfilled creatively.

My fortune began to turn when I met a talented sports journalist from Boston, MA. She was pivotal in influencing me take a shot in sports journalism.

I began construction on my website, laid out a plan, and intended to execute it to the fullest extent of my ability.

Those plans lasted until February.

A website known as Massive Report was looking for sports journalists to cover the Columbus Crew Soccer Club in Major League Soccer, my favorite team.

The post I read that advertised the position said "Massive Report literally changed my life and opened doors I wouldn't have imagined."

I wasn't sure how to interpret that but I said, "why not?"

The editors liked my sample and decided to hire me. I immediately hit it off with one of the editors and he began to work with me and help me to improve my craft.

His coaching took my writing to a level I never thought possible. I continue to learn and improve from him daily.

My work lead me to landing a position on the flagship podcast, in which I eventually took over producing duties.

Hungry for more stories, I became the beat writer for the Columbus Eagles of the WPSL, which parlayed into covering the Chicago Red Stars of the NWSL, and then finally landing a job with Columbus Wired as a beat writer for Ohio State Football.

To say life comes at you fast is an understatement.

Not mentioned was my father's improving health after a successful kidney transplant from an almost complete stranger.

On top of that, a dear friend has accelerated my journey to weight loss and is continually aiding me in the transformation.

In the past year, I have met some many wonderful people, added more contacts in my phone than in the five years combined, and have enjoyed many more life experiences, good and bad.

In my 27th year on this planet...I LIVED.

I'm sad to see 27 go because it can make the case for being the best year of my young life.

I grew exponentially as a person, as a brother, a son, and a friend.

I can't thank everyone enough for the positivity and special elements they bring into my life.

My 28th year will have challenges, there will be unique wrinkles that get introduced but I look forward to growing and learning from them.

Thank you for the love and support.

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