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Where does #SaveTheCrew go from here?

I learned of the news regarding Columbus Crew SC late Wednesday evening and I emotions that I hadn't felt since Oct.16th.

Anger, rage, and uncertainty.

I was overtaken with these emotions as I caught up with the news of the meeting between city and league officials earlier in the day. My feelings didn't subside upon seeing dueling statements from the Columbus city officials and Precourt Sports Ventures.

ABC 6 Reporter Steve Lavine reported Thursday evening that Columbus Mayor Andrew Ginther and Alex Fischer took the meeting to find out what the league and PSV needed from the city in order to keep the team in the city of Columbus.

I appreciate the fact that Alex Fischer and Andrew Ginther want to create a plan and create the best possible solution. The proactive approach trumps the reactive approach every time.

It's tough for me as a member of the media because I have to put on a "game face" every time I prepare for a Crew SC game. Like the fans, I hurt with every development in this saga. The prospect of not being able to do what I love a year from now terrifies me.

One thing is certain, this drama is far from over and fans will have to dig in for the long haul. Continue to show support for Columbus and their supporters. The fact that the #SaveTheCrew movement has opted to take the high road will only help the cause as Major League Soccer appears to be misguided with their business model.

"If it can happen to Columbus, it can happen to you."

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