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MLS Commissioner has hilarious Twitter gaffe

It was supposed to be the marquee event of the Major League Soccer calendar, but for Don Garber, MLS Cup couldn't end fast enough.

Garber's weekend was marred by the upcoming election for U.S. Soccer President, continuous questions surrounding the possible relocation of the Columbus Crew, and possible litigation from the State of Ohio and it's attorney general.

It's a trying time for Garber as fans make allegations about the disconnect with the league and the communities it serves. The last thing the commissioner needs is a problem to reinforce that narrative.

Then came Saturday night...

Toronto FC experienced an historic MLS season in route to winning the MLS Cup and Garber took to Twitter to express his congratulations.

Notice anything wrong with the picture?

The MLS commissioner posted a photo of his newly minted champions with the Eastern Conference Championship trophy and not MLS Cup, a pretty foolish mistake for the guy who runs the league.

Adding to his troubles, the #SaveTheCrew movement set up camp in his mentions to let him here about it.

Garber fixed the post several hours later, but he wouldn't avoid the backlash that followed.


Have you ever had a weekend as bad as "The Soccer Don?"

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