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Sergio Ramos sets the internet on fire by taking out Mohammed Salah

Photo courtesy: Planet Football

Real Madrid defender Sergio Ramos stole headlines on Saturday afternoon with his UFC style take down of Liverpool forward Mohammed Salah.

The Madrid defender isn't a stranger to controversial plays. Ramos has 22 red cards in his career and proves that he is willing to do what ever it takes to win a title. Even if it means tearing the rule book to pieces.

Ramos and Salah tangled early in the match as they battled for a loose ball. Each losing their footing and falling to the ground. However, Ramos appears to hold on to Salah's arm as both men fall to the ground. This prevents the Liverpool midfielder from breaking his fall and the Egyptian comes down hard on his shoulder.

Salah would succumb to his injury and be subbed off early in the Champions League Final. The entire sequence setting social media ablaze. Many fans took to Twitter to express disdain for Sergio Ramos.

What do you think? Was it premeditated or just horrible luck?

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