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Rating new uniforms you'll see in the NFL during the 2020 season

The first round of the NFL Draft begins Thursday night and it's likely that you'll see the incoming rookie class dawning some different looking threads in place of their college uniforms. Teams have spent the offseason revamping their brand ahead of Thursday's draft and the league's 101st season of play.

The Buccaneers, Browns, and Patriots are just some of the teams that have made aesthetic adjustments heading into the new campaign. Let's take a look at what you can expect to see on Thursday and (hopefully) on a field near you.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Bucs made headlines this offseason as they became the free agency destination of quarterback Tom Brady. Tampa spent just five seasons with their futuristic rebrand before scrapping it and returning to a classic look that fans have come to admire.

The Red and White jerseys trigger memories of former Bucs fullback Mike Alstott running up the middle and beating opposing defense into submission. The new jerseys recapture the magic of the Buccaneers Super Bowl run of 2003.

It gives fans hope for what's to come. A nucleus consisting of Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski, Mike Evans, and Chris Godwin is enough offensive firepower to keep any fan on the edge of their seat. Should the Bucs string together several wins in these new threads, it could be fun times on Florida's gulf coast.

Final Grade: B+

Cleveland Browns

For the football purists, the Cleveland Browns heard you loud and clear. The team's rebrand in 2015 drew mixed reactions before being accepted as the new normal. Unfortunately, the previous rebrand will always be tarnished by the 0-16 season of 2017 under former head coach Hue Jackson.

Members of the Browns fanbase beckoned for the team to return to the glory days with their classic look. Ownership took notice and delivered a classic but contemporary look for the modern era of the NFL. The franchise kept its new shade of orange and the brown facemask but joined it together with a fresher take on their classic uniforms.

Final Grade: A

Atlanta Falcons

Tampa Bay isn't the only team in the NFC South to get a rebrand this season. The Atlanta Falcons have abandoned their once futuristic look that was considered ahead of its time in 2002 to take a bigger step forward into a new era of Falcons football.

This step was too aggressive towards the future as the Falcons new uniforms appear to be something that would appear in the now-defunct Arena Football League.

The helmet continues to remain strong and the satin paint finish is nothing to joke about but these uniform combinations are drab for a franchise that plays its home games in a beautiful facility.

Maybe they look better in person but these appear to be nothing more than glorified practice jerseys.

Final Grade: D+

New England Patriots

Let's start by saying the Patriots uniform rebrand is absolute fire. Going with the color rush uniform was an excellent choice but we aren't convinced that the Pats uniforms needed changing.

Is it an effort to forget about Brady and Gronk?

Regardless the Patriots nailed this rebrand and it should look great on Sunday afternoons after visiting the "packy."

Final Grade: A

Los Angeles Chargers

Los Angeles' rebrand is a great blend of classic and modern. The franchise brings back the powder blue look in 2020 and adds a white away uniform with powder blue numbers. It remains to be seen how the two-color rush uniforms will be utilized throughout the season but the navy will provide a fantastic look for Bolts night games.

Final Grade: A +


How'd we do? Did we miss the mark? Let us know.

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