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Buckeye fan recovering from injury still hates University of Michigan

Sports are great but when rivalries are added into the equation things get amplified. Whether it's Alabama and Auburn, or New York versus Boston, rivalries give sports an extra flair.

For many people the Ohio State/Michigan rivalry towers above them all and is referred to by fans as "The Game."

Fans like Zach Lawrence live for the rivalry.

Lawrence is a devoted Buckeye fan and resident of Dublin, Ohio which is a suburb located northwest of downtown Columbus. He lives there with his wife and two kids. The Lawrence family often attends Buckeye games and a big fans.

Tragedy struck the Lawrence family on March 21st of this year, when Zach was involved in an automotive accident inside of the Republic of Georgia. He was in the European state on business and returning from a fishing trip when the horrific accident occurred.

According to reports, Lawrence's car flipped numerous times and hit a tree. Two of the five occupants were killed and Lawrence sustained devastating injuries.

Lawrence's injuries were all quite troubling as he broke all of his left ribs, suffered internal bleeding, a broken nose, and sustained brain injuries.

A GoFundMe was established to bring Zach home from Europe and to get him proper care.

Good news was revealed this week as Zach was recieving treatment and doctors placed two buttons in front of the 38-year-old man. One button had the word "yes" and the other had "no."

And then the doctors asked Zach a simple question, "Do you like Michigan?"

Lawrence immediately pressed "no" and then again just for good measure. Many people were pleased at the decision but not for the reason you think.

His wife Meghan knew he husband may be getting better.

"He always makes a face when we mention Michigan,” she said of her husband. “We’re pretty sure he’s in there.”

The doctors have upgraded Lawrence's condition as he continues to fight to regain normalcy to his life. No doubt we are all pulling for him. Not just as fans but as human beings.

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