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Ranking the best jerseys in the NFL

With the calendar flipping to September that means fans creep closer to the official start of football season. In fact the National Football League began play earlier this week, with the rest of the 30 teams kicking off on Sunday.

As the NFL begins its 100th season, we rank the top five jerseys you will see on the gridiron this season.

5. Carolina Panthers

There's something to be said about the Panthers Black and Blue uniforms.

It's a sleek look from the early 2000s, with subtle updates and tweaks to the branding in recent years keeping Carolina's approach new and fresh.

4. Chicago Bears

It's a classic look that has withstood the test of time.

The "Monsters of the Midway" have a uniform that is immediately recognizable to even the casual passerby.

The Bears uniform demonstrates grit and a Midwestern work ethic. It brings back fond memories of players such Walter Peyton, Gale Sayers, and Bronko Negurski.

As the NFL moves into its 100th season, it's hard to imagine the Bears deviating from their famed Navy Blue and Burnt Orange.

3. Indianapolis Colts

It may not be the flashiest jersey in the NFL but the Colts boast one of the legendary looks of the gridiron.

The simple palette of Blue and White coupled with the signature stripes on the shoulders quickly identify the colts. It's a uniform that remains largely unchanged since the days of Johnny Unitas and that alone deserves respect.

2. Oakland Raiders

Are you detecting a theme? Simplicity is valued highly in these rankings. Another jersey that allows fans to connect with the glory days.

The Raiders won't play in Oakland past this season and it doesn't look like they will part with their legendary uniform. It will remain interesting to see if the uniform remains high in the hearts of fans after the team relocates to Las Vegas in 2020.

1. Pittsburgh Steelers

I remember having conversations with my uncle regarding the Steelers uniform. I was infatuated why they were the only team to have "half a logo" on its helmet. The Steelers jerseys give tribute to the blue collar workers who toiled in the steel mills.

It allows the fans of western Pennsylvania to connect with their team, wave their terrible towels and hope for the best on Sunday afternoons.

Like the countdown? Absolutely hate it? Let me know your thoughts.

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