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Report: Pittsburgh Steelers players purchase dinner for Alleghany County Ballot Counters

The Pittsburgh Steelers are enjoying an impressive 7-0 start to their 2020 NFL campaign and have scored nearly 211 points on the field, but some of their biggest points scored might come from what happened off of the field.

NBC News Photographer Paul Rigney reported that members of the Steelers bought dinner for those that individuals that are working to make sure every vote in Alleghany Country, the country in which Pittsburgh is located, is properly counted.

ESPN reporter Brooke Pryor later elaborated that it appeared that this move wasn't one made by the team collectively, rather a few players who wanted to show appreciation for these public servants.

The Steelers are a franchise that is loved by some and hated by others but the community outreach at such a key time in our nation's history is a classy move.

Pennsylvania, like many other states, is dealing with an impressive voter turnout. Much of those voters opted to use mail-in or absentee ballots, which takes a longer-than-usual time to count. Sports Illustrated reports that as of 6:30 p.m. EST on Nov. 4, the Associated Press is reporting that an estimated 88% of the votes in the Keystone State have been counted, with Donald Trump holding a lead of 260,192 votes. Many of the mail-in votes that are left to count are expected to be in favor of Democratic candidate Joe Biden.

Tuesday's generosity by some members of the Steelers isn't the first time the team has had community involvement during the election season. Last week the team provided 5,000 masks to election officials so they could safely perform their duties.

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